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Companies just need to face up to the challenges, recognise the dangers of inaction and be innovative in their approach to solving problems that involve their most precious resource: their people.

Economist Intelligence Unit, Competing Across Borders, 2012

Why rely on the wisdom of the few when we can tap into the collective intelligence of many?

Jacob Morgan, The Future Organisation, 2015

Flexible working is not only beneficial for wellbeing, commitment and efficiency in the workplace, it also lends a competitive edge to your recruitment strategies.

James Nicholson, MD Robert Walters, 2015


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why virtual?

Virtual teams are the cornerstone of the digital workforce of the future. The number and diversity of these teams is growing. Make sure your organisation knows how to fully leverage them.

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virtual teams

Virtual teams provide access to the best local, national and international talent. A virtual team is a group of people working together to accomplish shared goals without ever, or rarely, meeting in person.

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virtual leaders

Leaders of virtual teams carry the responsibility for their success. Effective virtual leadership will ensure that a team will overcome the many challenges that are common when working remotely.

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how we help

"We aspire to create 1 virtual world where all virtual leaders, managers and team members are empowered to truly excel." To do this we help organisations realise the huge benefits of setting up new or improve the managing and working of their established virtual teams.

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We do the research so you don't have to! Check out the latest news on virtual teams, remote working, telecommuting, digital natives, digital workplace, flexible working, etc.

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about us

We feel very fortunate @1virtualworld to be able to work from anywhere we can snag a connection... We love meeting a wide variety of people and helping them and their organisations benefit from successful virtual teamwork!